Beginners Guide to Online Learning Terms

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, you may have heard some new vocabulary and terms being used in relation to online teaching and learning. 

In this blog post, we’re going to break down all the online learning lingo you need to know when starting out in online teaching and learning. 

e-Learning: means electronic learning. This usually refers to learning through the internet and with technology.  

m-Learning: refers to learning through mobile devices. 

Blended Learning: is a combination of traditional face-to-face teaching methods and online technology based teaching methods. 

Synchronous: refers to something that is happening in the present moment or in “real-time”. For example, a live webinar or video call with students. 

Asynchronous: refers to something that is not happening in the present moment or in “real time”. For example, watching a recorded lecture. Asynchronous is more self-guided and individual learning.  

Discussion board: this can also be referred to as a discussion forum. It is an online version of a message board. In online learning, teachers often use discussion boards as a space where students can discuss topics in the course, ask questions and respond to comments.  

Accessibility: refers to an online platform being easy to use for all students. In online learning, using multimedia is a great way to provide accessibility. 

Wiki: refers to a collection of web pages in which anyone can contribute and edit ideas and information. 

Screen sharing: is a tool which allows you to show a document, presentation or webpage that is on your screen during a live video call. 

Virtual Whiteboard: just like in a ‘brick and mortar’ classroom, this is a white space where you can draw or write. The only difference is that it is virtual and on your computer screen. Students can also interact with the virtual whiteboard, writing their answers or ideas. 

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Siobhan McNutt

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